March 6, 2024
Athlete Player Development - Session 7

Wisdom From The Past: Insights from Athlete Alumni

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Welcome to the Seventh session of our Athlete Player Development Series! Join us for an insightful session titled "What are College Coaches Looking for? - Stand Out, Get In." In this eye-opening discussion, we'll uncover the qualities and attributes that college coaches seek in athletes during the recruitment process. Discover how to make a lasting impression and increase your chances of standing out to college programs.

This session is tailored for:

  • Athletes at various stages of their career, seeking to unlock their full potential.
  • Coaches and mentors interested in enhancing their athletes' self-awareness and performance.
  • High school athletic programs aiming to provide their student-athletes with tools for growth and success.
  • Individuals passionate about understanding the link between identity and exceptional athletic achievement.
  • 1. Grasp Coach Perspectives: Grasp the perspective of college coaches and gain insights into their criteria when evaluating potential recruits.
  • 2. Generate Targeted Preparation: Generate targeted preparation strategies that align with what college coaches are seeking, enhancing your recruitment profile.
  • 3. Grow Athletic Attributes: Grow your understanding of the athletic attributes and skills that college coaches value, and how to showcase them effectively.
  • 4. Get Recruiting Tips: Get valuable recruiting tips and tactics to help you present yourself as a well-rounded athlete and an attractive candidate.
  • 5. Guide to Effective Communication: Receive guidance on effective communication with college coaches, from initial contact to building meaningful relationships.