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What’s in your trunk: The way you drive is bigger than you

Shamiel Gary
February 22, 2021

If you know me, you know I hate traffic with a passion. There should be a police helicopter flying above giving every driver a ticket if they are causing a traffic jam! Harsh? Maybe, but a lot of times people don’t realize their driving not only affects them, but also the people around them. When driving, we all know it is easy to get lost in your own world. But the same is true in life; it is easy to get lost in your own world. Trust me, I know. Just ask my family about me getting lost in my own world.

My dad calls me sometimes to give me a hard time saying, “I was about to call out a search for you Shamiel because you have been MIA”. This is something I am constantly working on. Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in my own world, that I forget there are people that care about me. I’m so captivated by what's going on in my world that I forget to stop and love the people around me. Something like being on a road trip and you are so captivated by the scenery outside that you miss your exit. My actions affect the people around me without me even realizing it.

As soon as we realize our driving affects others, we will begin to drive differently. If I were to ask you “are you causing a traffic jam?”, or “are you causing traffic to flow smoothly?” what would your gut reaction be? As I volunteer at schools and speak more often, I find it my responsibility to watch how I “drive” I.E. live. I know the way I “drive” has a positive or negative affect on others. I can either be a roadblock in their life by being a terrible role model and not being aware of what they might be struggling with. Or, on the other hand, I can help them “drive” smoother by being a right voice in their life. Most importantly, I’m aware that I’m sharing the road and I need to have my eyes open ready to help them on the journey because we all have complained about somebody on the road driving to slow or too fast, but come to find out they have 5 kids in the car or they are rushing because of medical reasons.

We all must realize we are all connected to each other! So, let us not be roadblocks causing a traffic jam in their world. I know it's easy to “drive” and get lost with the new playlist you just put together, but today how about we become a little more aware of the people around us. Ultimately, we all want to have a smooth “drive”. We can help each other achieve this goal.

I challenge you for a week to become more aware of the people around you and help them have a smoother life!

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