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What’s in your trunk: Gas tank almost on E

Shamiel Gary
February 22, 2021

I remember when I was 16. I just got my license and I was filled with adrenaline ready to hit the road with the Blazer my dad got me. In the first week of driving the car, I received my first test— I needed gas. I didn’t realize cars needed gas, and I was the one who had to pay for it. One day, I was driving home from practice, and my gas light came on causing me to go into a frenzy. I called my dad and told him where I was, and that I was about run out of gas and needed help. Thankfully, I found a nearby gas station and was able to fill up my tank. This definitely wasn't the last time this happened to me, and I know some of y’all can relate. When our gas light comes on in our life, we can either go into a frenzy or go into survival mode.

That next year my mom let me take her car to Kansas for a football camp with the Kansas Jayhawks. As I was driving home from the camp, all I saw were windmills and haystacks. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the gas light came on, but I didn’t panic. I had learned by now that when the gas light comes on, you have more than one mile left in your tank. I drove for another 15 minutes, and found a gas station and a Dairy Queen.

Our life is a parallel comparison to the gas light in our cars coming on. That first time a stressful situation happens, or we negative situations happen, we begin to panic. However, the more we experience these situations, the better equipped we are to deal with them. God provides us with the tools and people we need to resolve these situations. We learn that we need to keep pushing, as we have more gas in the tank. As we grow, we even learn when we need to get gas fast. In our lives, this usually means we need to get rest immediately so we can continue to push towards our goals.

When the gas light in our car comes on for the first time we panic, and we do the same thing in our lives. We get tired, overwhelmed, stressed, and hangry haha. Whatever it may be, our gas light comes on telling us we need to refuel. The first time this happens you quit or tell yourself it’s too much, but after the second or third time you begin to realize you have more in the tank than you imagined. As I have continued this process, I have realized that there is more in the tank if I push, but I have also learned immense self-awareness. I know when I need to rest, what food I need to put in my body, and other things I need. The more self-aware you become, the more success you will see. You are going farther, tapping into extra gas that is there to take you that extra mile. Sometimes this means pushing to keep going, and other times it means pausing and listening to what your body needs.

I can’t believe I get to do multiple speaking engagements after transitioning from my football career, but as I’m driving to speaking engagement, after speaking engagement I get tired and honestly at times want to cancel events. However, even though my gas light comes on, and I have been exhausted at times, I have been able to tap into my reserves and go the extra mile because I know my WHY. I have also learned to listen to my gas lights in my life and be self-aware getting rest when it’s needed. God has given me an opportunity to touch lives, therefore it is important for me to be self-aware so I can know what to do when the gas light comes on. Remember to be self-aware noticing when the gas light comes on so you can push through or rest or whatever your body is telling you to do.

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