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Adversity is tough. Lets be honest, it down right sucks. But it is needed for as we experience growth into the next level in our lives. Therefore, we must learn to dance in the storm rather than just endure or run away from the storm.

Adversity has put me through the fire and has shaped me and molded me into becoming who I am today. It will continue to chisel me into a sculpture that will be marveled out when I die. Let's take a pause for a second from this wonderful mindset I have now and be real for a little bit. Adversity sucks. Obstacles suck. Losing sucks. Failing sucks, but you can't have success without all of these things happening in our lives. Therefore the perspective you take on this subject is life or death for your trajectory in life!

I have learned that adversity or challenges (what ever word you want to use) is a prerequisite to success. However, for the longest time I have looked at these moments as a stumbling block instead of launching pad that was launching me into my future. I bet you can think of someone who has the "woe is me" attitude...I would ask you to look yourself in the mirror but I don't want to hurt your feelings lol. In this short but very important blog I will be sharing some of my challenging moments and my outlook on them.

-My mom passed away from cancer so I have learned how to cherish life, time, and people.

-I have been cut from 5 NFL teams so I learned the principles of resiliency and persistence.

-I had to walk-on as a college athlete so I learned the value of hard work and what can happen when you truly desire something (made it to NFL)

-I have failed in many relationships, romantic and friendly, so I have learned the value of truly connecting with others to build strong relationships.

-I have made mistakes as a father so I have learned how to think about different scenarios before I act.

My dad abused my mom. I have made terrible impulsive decisions. I have quit too soon. I have lost $100k. There are more moments and lessons that I plan to write about later.

All in all, this is what I have learned:

1. Adversity uncovers and has the ability if you allow it to remove bad habits. Therefore, you will have the capacity to create better habits.

2. Adversity can create humility instead of us having pride. This will give us the ability to create deeper relationships.

3. Adversity causes you to evaluate yourself to determine what needs to change in your life.

4. Adversity is a superpower because it gives your willpower a boost by providing it with a challenge which provides growth.

Action plan: take some time today to rethink how you look at adversity and how it can shape your life in a positive way.

"Adversity is shaping and propelling me to success." Say this to your self everyday. Dance in the middle of the storm.

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