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Addicted II me

Shamiel Gary
February 22, 2021

Even if you don’t want to admit it, we all care about others opinions. The funny thing is people will always have an opinion about what you’re doing whether it’s good or bad. There is nothing wrong with caring about outside opinions. However, there is something wrong with allowing the opinions of others to define who you are. This is a trap we all at some point in our lives have fallen victim to. We begin to define ourselves by others judgements and start to walk around life with a mask on hiding our “IMPERFECTIONS”. Everyday we wear this mask, we lose our identity because we are trying so hard to fit in or trying to make other people happy who aren’t important in our life. Let us take off the mask and own who God made us to be: perfectly imperfect. This is what makes us special.When you’re Addicted II YOURSELF, you forget to worry about being liked. You don’t have to try so hard. Addicted II ME: Be yourself and stay unique. Your imperfections makes you beautiful, lovable, and valuable. They show your personality.

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